November 18, 2021

Overcoming Self Sabbotage



Overcoming self sabotage is a HUGE step in facilitating change! Go back to your email and review the responses and then review the steps below in order to get out of your way.

  1. Look at habits where you have a rating of 5 or above. If there are many, choose your top 3. What do you desire to work on? Where are the patterns with the biggest negative impact on your life and relationships?

  2. Understand the Patterns, Put each of these patterns in your life’s context. How do you show up in this way? How would your life be improved if you changed this pattern? Write down your responses.

    Then begin to make the actual actions you will take more specific instead. For example, if you find negativity affecting your relationships, try to make one positive comment at each work meeting, family gathering and with your loved ones, set up a loving comment. You can use affirmations – “I bring positivity and happiness to each of my relationships.”

  3. Any behavior change plan you create needs to have a trigger. There are 5 triggers, emotions, specific time, place, other people or prior action. If ‘x’ happens then I will do ‘y’. When my daughter walks in the room , I will take a deep breath and pause before I s.

  4. Start small – Try to improve your habits by 1% and aim for a B-. This way we can overcome some of the actions of a self -saboteur! Gradual improvements over time will add up and help to reset the mindset so that you can create resilient new habits.