January 29, 2020

Are you experiencing emotional or physical hunger?

Hello Beautiful!!

I don’t know about you but there was a point in my life that I was always hungry. Well at least that is what I thought. I would have breakfast before I left for work and then I would arrive at the office and there would be donuts, cookies, or bagels and of course I would indulge, always saying only a bite.

Then lunchtime would come around and everyone would head out or order in and I would join in – planning on eating a salad, but then somehow end up with a burger and fries. Don’t ask me how – no self control, I would say to myself.

Later in the day, I would feel groggy and heavy in the afternoon and maybe not even really productive in my day. On the way out of work, I would be headed to the gym and a colleague would be there and ask me out for a drink so of course I would indulge.

I suppose I was lucky that I had a great environment where people were social and wanted to spend time with each other. But they were not making healthy choices either. Sharing food together was part of our bonding process.

Food has such strong emotional connections with how we use it to celebrate with friends and family – birthdays, holidays, and dinner parties to name a few.

On a daily basis we are inundated with messages of how we should eat this food or that food. Sometimes those around us don’t understand the reasons we want to eat differently. Sometimes there is a pressure from others.

I struggled with food growing up and making the best choices for my body. My hunger, though was more about emotional hunger than true physical hunger…. And I realized this later in life where I was at a point that I was ready to find the foods and lifestyle choices that truly fueled me.

With food it was always all or nothing. I could not find an in between. I was either eating everything or experimenting with the latest diet…..on a rollercoaster ride. Part of this was me not really listening to my body for the cues as to whether it was physical hunger or emotional hunger.

When I was eating everything too, I was eating foods that were highly addictive in nature and that would not keep me feeling physically full or really satiate me.

If you are struggling with feeling hungry all the time STOP and LISTEN to your body. Take a moment to breathe in deep into your body.Close your eyes, take another breathe and scan your body. What do you feel? What is going on around you? Take note if it is physical or emotional. Breathe in and feel. Try to identify that feeling, acknowledge it and let it go.

If it is PHYSICAL HUNGER – read on for some tips on what foods are great to help you feel fuller longer.

If it is EMOTIONAL HUNGER, take note of what you are feeling and what you need emotionally… I will be writing more on this in my next blog as I am currently creating a group program on Emotional Eating… So excited to bring it to you.

In the interim try out these foods below and if you feel in need of a metabolic reboot:


Chia Seeds

The first food you can start consuming more often to help curb your cravings and stay full longer is chia seeds. These little seeds will absorb water and detoxify your body, plus they are virtually tasteless and easy to add to any food or drink. You can add chia seeds to a green juice or smoothie, which also helps you get in all those healthy leafy greens and other fresh product. But don’t forget you can also make chia seed pudding or just sprinkle them on your favorite salad.


Next up are your eggs. Eggs are delicious and the healthy type of fat. For years, people were told not to eat too many eggs due to cholesterol, but doctors now recommend them regularly as a healthy protein source. They can also help to keep you full in between meals. The fat content and high protein content of eggs combines to fill you up and satiate you for a longer period of time. Try making a breakfast with an egg scramble made with your favorite veggies. You can also make egg muffins that you bake and save for later.


If you enjoy eating fruit, don’t forget about the pears! These delicious, juicy fruits not only provide lots of important vitamins and minerals, but they also help to fill you up. This is thanks to a carbohydrate in pears called pectin, which is great for your digestive system. Sometimes, your immune or digestive system is to blame when you are constantly hungry, and you need some pectin to help balance out your digestion and lower cholesterol. It is a good snack to have in between meals when you are in need of a little sustenance.

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Otherwise stay tuned for the Emotional Eating Program in March!! WOOHOO!.

Have an awesome day present with you in your body!

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