November 22, 2019

5 Holiday Hacks

Hello Beautiful!!

Holidays can be a tough time to keep on track. Thanksgiving is around the corner.  With a whirlwind of celebrations, every event may seem like an excuse to splurge, but the consequence just might be that post party food hangover. Ugh!!……So let’s look at a few tips on how to stay on track!!

1) Focus on Fun – There are so many activities we can focus on during the holidays: Engage in the fun activities like decorating our homes, catching up with old friends and shopping for others. Practice being in the moment and focus on what the season is really about: spending time with loved ones, being grateful for what we have, and expressing our thanks.

2) Focus on the Veggies – Fill your plate with lots of colorful veggies. They will make you feel like you are eating a lot more than you are and give you the fiber, water, nutrients you really need this time of year.

3) Focus on Building Immunity – A lot of splurging goes on this time of the year and that is when all that sugar can lower our immunity. Make sure you take a good omega, probiotic, Vit D and that you are activating your system.

4) Focus on Helping Others – Adopt a child or family in need for the holidays by shopping for their gifts and making them feel special. As I have said before it is the season of giving!

5) Focus on Drinking – Drinking water that is. All the extra running around, doing errands, cooking and traveling can make us dehydrated. Try upgrading your water: add lemon. One of my favorite ways to hydrate this season is with my AXIO drink– provides me with energy, focus and essential nutrients. When you are out having a cocktail, make sure to have a drink of water in between.

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