October 31, 2019

Be the Change you Want to Create

Happy Halloween!! …..One day late.

Not my favorite holiday of the year so I try to ignore it, but how can I? It is everywhere! I am sure you can all guess why… yes, because of all the sugar, ugh!!

I actually really would like to ignore this holiday all together……

But the reality is you cannot ignore things, yourselves or your own needs forever.

  • How many times have you wanted to make change, but then it seems SO OVERWHELMING?

  • Could you create healthier habits so you can keep for a lifetime?

  • Have you considered that maybe trying one step at a time might work for you?

Temptations and distractions will always be there in our lives. There will always be some event, emotion, person that will draw you away from yourself, your emotional needs, your health, maybe even achieving your goals.

The question is, Are you going to continue to permit this to happen?

Why not join a community which will help you achieve what you want in your life?

I want this for you. I know most of you want this too!

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If you end up putting off the inevitable and continue to make excuses or ignore your needs, it eventually catches up to you. I know this because I did this for years with my health…. And most of you know how I ended up… sick!!

I continually put my family first, my work first, and everyone elses’ requests and needs first.

After I was confronted with sickness, I realized that I was the only one who could commandeer the change and it had to come from within me. I had to figure out where I needed to better focus my efforts to regain my health.

Everyone has something in their life where this rings true – maybe you exercise, but you don’t save money…..maybe you work hard, but you don’t eat healthy. Usually this is an area in your life that you complain/worry a lot about.

If you think about the areas where you might need to make change, this can help you decide what new habits you might want to incorporate into your life.

Sometimes you need support to make those changes. My family came along for the ride. We supported one another in this change. I also had a great coach. So family and coaching helped me create the change I needed.

I would love for you to join my Healthy Habits Challenge Community!


Once I started creating little changes and rituals in my day, this permitted me to engage in self care. Little by little, these rituals became habits. It is these little rituals now that enable me to remain true and steadfast to the lifestyle changes which helped me improve my health and create a life where I now have more energy, balance… ultimately more happiness.

I said this before, but I really want this for you as well. I know most of you want this too!!

Why not try one or two changes at a time for thirty days?

I would love for you to join my Healthy Habits Challenge Community – IT IS FREE!.

Join a community which will offer you support and focus to create the change you desire in your life!


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