September 8, 2019


How many times have we said I will start tomorrow? So often, we put things off for another day, like taking better care of ourselves, visiting the doctor, starting to exercise or losing weight. We tell ourselves we will start tomorrow or after the holidays. Or maybe we start, hit a stumbling block and then give up. For many of us it is easier to make the choice to sit and watch our favorite TV series than it is to get up take a walk around the block or chop a few veggies to snack on later in the day.

How would your life change if you began to take control of your health and your well being today? Think about how your life might be different. You might actually have less joint or back pain, maybe more energy and desire to take that walk around the block and to even take better care of yourself. You might even be able to spend a little more time with your kids.

Through some very easy steps you can begin to rebuild your body mentally and physically. I have listed some tips below on how you might want to approach doing this. Some of you may be thinking, I am in the midst of back to school craziness, how am I going to stop and fit this in? The question I have is what will happen if you don’t? So read on if you are serious about changing the quality of your health so you can be the best you yet.

1) Get to Your Why! Why do you want to be the healthiest you? Many of us say we want to lose weight and get healthy but with what end in mind. Do you want to have more energy to get up and play with your kids? Maybe you want to live a longer life so that you can see your grandkids grown up? Think about what it is you really want as a result of making this change! Then focus on it. This is your motivation.

2) Learn how to eat the foods that fuel your body! If you read my newsletters you know that what you eat will determine how you feel, your moods and your energy levels. Most of us have some sort of food sensitivity or intolerance. Find out what foods are best for you. If you have never done a cleanse and want to jump on the bandwagon now is the time. The next Sugar Cleanse starts October 16th. Learn to kick sugar to the curb.

3) Find out where your nutrient deficiencies are! We all know that our food is not what is what 100 years ago due to the poor soil quality. Whether your food is organic or not, it is still not jam packed with the nutrients of years ago. Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can cause imbalances in blood sugar levels, hair loss, skin issues, hormonal imbalances and migraines just to name few. If you need help here let me know and I can support you here.

4) Start Moving! If you are sitting at a desk or sitting in car much of the day you need to get up and move. For every hour you sit you need to be moving at least 10-15 minutes. Stand up when you talk on the phone. Take a break and do some squats or walk to your colleague to have a chat instead of picking up the phone or texting. The more you move the better off you will be.

5) Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. During this time of the year, you are probably thinking how am I going to get through my daily list and be ready for the holidays if I sleep? My question to you how are you going to get through your list if you don’t sleep? Better memory and focus result from a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a prerequisite to weight loss as well. If you are not sleeping enough, chances are you are not giving your body time to recover, recharge and reset your hormones. This drains your body further. Try getting your sleep routine in check.

6) Surround yourself with the energy you want. Remember if you want to feel good surround yourself with positivity. If you are around people that drain you then you will feel that way. Part of this is being grateful for what you have in your life. Express that to yourself and those around you. Positive energy is contagious! When you are positive, you are more likely to take care of you, engage in self care and meet your goals!

What you are waiting for? I challenge you to start now!! 5 Recipes to Kill Sugar Cravings will be available shorty. Be sure to look out for it and download it.Then pick a couple of the tips and focus on them for the next month.

Hopefully you will join me for our next Sugar Cleanse!!

In the interim if you would like to book a one:one session, click here!! One session could change your life!!

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