November 18, 2021




If you are struggling with

  • accountability

  • consistency

  • feeling stuck

or are unsure of where to start to meet your health goals, then you have arrived to the right place!!

This is an affordable way to have access to me, yoga, integrative health coaching, Ayurveda and the behavioral science behind habit changing and help you put it into action.

Access to these options will help you with achieving your goals of better sleep, weight loss, stress reduction and overwhelm. Read on to learn more about the 3 options to membership….


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Yoga is part of my everyday life. I teach privates & groups, in studios, gyms, corporate locations, and now online via zoom. My goal is to introduce yoga to as many people who would love to try it so that they can begin to experience its gifts. I would love to help you to begin your journey.

If you have never tried yoga before this is the perfect place to start. I offer a basics library to all. The library of basic asanas teaches you to safely move into some of the most common asanas so you maintain proper alignment.

Even if you have done yoga before these offerings will provide you with a practice to overcome aches, pains and move more freely and in a more connected way with your body. Each class is focused on centering, alignment, strength, flexibility and breathing. Additionally, each class incorporates stress reduction techniques to help you find more balance & calm in your life.

Coming together in community is a beautiful way to practice. Your online yoga membership includes unlimited live classes per month, basics library and unlimited access to the recorded library.

For each class you will need to bring a mat, blanket/towel, yoga blocks, and strap. These props will help you get into the asana in the safest way possible using offered modifications. In this way you can fully feel into what the pose can offer you.

Online classes VIA ZOOM

Tuesdays 7pm – Gentle Yoga

These classes will be slower moving, focusing on the breath and holding postures longer.

Thursdays 8am/Saturdays 8:30am.

Open Level Vinyasa Class – All levels are welcome. This is a Vinyasa Flow Class based on matching the breath and the movement, focusing on proper alignment and using a combination of strengthening and flexibility. An emphasis of the classes is also to help connect the mind, body & spirit.

Unlimited live classes per month. A commitment of 3 months is required.

In order to participate in class, you must sign a waiver.

Monthly Healthy Habits Group Coaching Call & FACEBOOK SUPPORT


Are you feeling…..

-tired and wired?-

-anxious, stressed & overwhelmed at times with your life?

-you are struggling to make the right choices for your body?

-ready to live a longer and healthier life?

-inconsistent in reaching your health & wellness goals?

Joining a dynamic group with accountability to help you move through these issues and get to the other side might be what you need.…

-improved energy

-better sleep

-mental clarity

-healthy aging

-consistent exercise regimes, weight loss

-aging gracefully

One time per month via zoom, the dynamic group will meet and discuss the habit or habit forming behavioral science. Additionally, we will do a meditation or breathing technique. Each call is 1 hour. The group will be supported by a facebook group. You will be encouraged to seek an accountability partner from the group. The habits focus on the 10 habits of yogis/ayurveda. Using the habits, tools of ayurveda and behavioral science you will be supported in creating better habits to achieve your desired goals and outcomes.

You are choosing to participate in a dynamic group. This means choosing growth. Higher levels of growth and development happen when you stop trying to evolve alone and commit to a dynamic group. Using ground rules you are guided to attune, engage, and amplify the group’s collective potential.

A minimum of 3 months is required due to nature of working together as a group.



Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. Combining the Yoga and the Group Healthy Habits Call will help you achieve desired goals.

As an Integrative Health Coach & Yoga Instructor, I use many tools to support my clients in meeting their desired outcomes: Tools of Ayurveda, Behavioral Science, Habit Triggers & Stacking, Affirmations & Vision Boarding to name a few.

Yoga Classes and Healthy Habits Calls will overlap in themes and emphasis in order to support your transformation..Hence combining both will bring you more ease, calm and balance to you as you move towards your desired outcomes of:









A minimum of 3 months is required.

Because of the nature of evolving with a dynamic group, relationships help individuals evolve to their potential hence the need for a minimum monthly requirement.