October 17, 2022

Ayurveda: Bringing You Home to Your Body.

I like to call some of my tried and tested Ayurvedic rituals ‘anti-aging elixirs’ because I see how healing these eastern habits can be on the modern world’s degenerative diseases. This preventative and healing tradition has changed my life and of those I work with, which is why I am so deeply passionate about sharing these habits and tools with my clients and community. 

So often though I get the question: what is Ayurveda? Ayur what?? And how does this fit into my modern life? 

When I first studied nutrition and nutritional theories,I did not see how ayurveda might fit into my life. It seemed so foreign. However, it was something that always curiously lingered in the back of my mind. My lack of understanding prevented me from applying it and integrating to my life. Additionally, I did not know anyone except John Douillard who was using this in their everyday lives, not even yoga teachers at that time. 

As my yoga practice grew and I began yoga teacher training, it kept surfacing. So I began to delve deeper and years later it has become an integral part of my life. 

In most simple terms Ayurveda teaches you how your body functions and provides simple self care rituals that can support a healthy body, mind and soul. These rituals are easy. I learned though that just because they are easy does not mean that I do them. The rituals give you the skills to bring you into heightened awareness and bring you home to your body. 

Ayurveda, Ayur means life and veda is science, the oldest healing science, the study of life and sister science to yoga, developed over 5000 years ago in India. It is the foundation to Western medicine, Chinese medicine. It places great emphasis on prevention and focus on healing digestion and stoking your digestive fire – agni (sanskrit). 

Unlike western medicine which focuses on symptoms and disease, ayurveda focuses on preventing disease by keeping 3 energies in balance to build ojas and support longevity.

Western medicine and ayurveda can and should be used in conjunction with each other. 

The three energies are Kapha, Pitta and Vata. When the energies are in balance then we are able to build ojas, bliss, immunity, the glue that holds us together and strengthens us. When we are out of sync with the energies of nature then we have more stress, more inflammation, less knowing and honoring of ourselves and higher likelihood of dis-ease (disease). 

Each of these energies, Kapha, Pitta and Vata,  are a combination of the 5 elements, space, earth, air, fire and water. We bring the experience of life through the 5 senses, the portals of life. These experiences, thoughts, emotions and sensations we undergo can be described by different qualities called gunas (sanskrit) into 20 qualities, 10 pairs of opposites. 

The gunas are:


Using these qualities,  ayurveda can determine if the doshas are in excess or in deficiency. Doshas in excess or deficiency can result in disease. When there is an imbalance Ayurveda applies the opposite qualities using lifestyle, food, movement, pranayama, food, spices and herbs. 

The concept of Agni  focuses on the ability to digest and transform food into our seven tissues and waste, take information and access the experiential so that we can optimize our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. 

All of this is a type of customized medicine focusing on preventative wellness.  

In my course 10 HABITS to Thrive we learn these rituals and how to integrate them into our life so that you can have the energy, drive and desire to live your life’s purpose. 


  • To increase and level your energy
  • Live a longer and healthier life
  • To feel grounded and consistent
  • To improve digestion/overcome cravings/lose weight
  • To feel better in your body and mind
  • To sleep better and deeper
  • Age better & boost your memory
  • Create habits that help you transform your body, mind and spirit
  • To surround yourself with people who are evolving
  • To align your actions to your true purpose
  • Support for you and your goals
  • Improved Relationships

These rituals have transformed my life and my clients lives. So I want to help YOU transform your life. None of us know how long we have left on this earth, and with that we can be inspired to create better habits to live a longer healthier and happier life.

“I am celebrating my birthday 2 months from now, and I am totally in love with my age – I will be 56 !”

Curious to know more. Schedule a Body Goals session with me today, and let’s talk about your health goals and how simple Ayurvedic habits can help you achieve them. 

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