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November 2, 2020

3 Ways to LOVE YOU!

Last week, in my weekly coaching group one of the group members advised the other to love herself….. But I know from personal experience this is not always so easy to put into action.

Self love… how does this translate into action?

It took me years to understand how to better do this and still to this day I can still sometimes listen to that negative voice or witness negative practices re-emerging. It is at these moments I know I am not being fully present in the moment.  

I was taught to always put others before myself so giving myself permission to love myself first can be hard.

So I wanted to share with you few ways to begin this process and let me say…… IT IS A PROCESS!

 1) Change the Negative Thoughts to the Positive

 When I am struggling with this or allowing the negative conversations between my ears to emerge, I come back to this thought…

“Your relationship with yourself is the most defining factor in shaping the kind of life you live”

 This relationship with you is where self love begins.

How can you love another without loving and respecting yourself?

The problems arises when you begin to identify with or believe the negative thoughts. If you are identifying with those thoughts then you are not in the present moment. When you permit yourself to ruminate in the negative, you strengthen the connection and the brain patterns can become more negative.

Having struggled with emotional eating and body image issues for years, there were times I would look in the mirror and loathe myself. I worked hard to change that connection through meditation, affirmations and better understanding me.

 This week in the 10 Day Sugar Cleanse we are working on personal affirmations. Taking a moment of stillness and coming back to positive statement or set of words which reinforce the positive behavior you are attempting to create. Keep repeating it until you release the negative thought pattern.

An example of this is:

 “One of the ways I take care of myself is eating nutritiously. I want to eat well because I hope to avoid developing health concerns as I age. So I focus on eating healthy food. Planning my meals helps me honor my commitment to myself to stay vibrant as the years go by. “

2) Get to Know Yourself

How many of you are living in either…… “fast forward” or “simply drifting” from one thing to the next? 

Take some time to get to know what you value, your goals, strengths, & interests.

Then consider if you are living in alignment to these. If not then ask, what can you change to make this happen? Start with asking yourself and answering these questions. Possibly journaling. You might not know straight off. Try a little each day…. The answers will come if you listen carefully. Pay attention.

·      What do I really want in life?

·      What do I know longer want to accept?

·      What makes me happy?

·      Are my current habits aligned with the bigger vision?

·      How can I add value to the world?

3) Do things you love!!

 Life is short. Consider how you are spending your time. If you are frustrated and maybe anger quickly, you might feel resentful of the things you are currently doing.

 Understandably there are always things you have to do in life – the bills, laundry, etc.

Each of you need to have some time for joy!! Write down a list and then begin to commit them to your calendar.

 Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today!!

 Commit to loving you, step by step!!

If you would like to start the conversation of how you can bring more of this into your life, please reach out to SCHEDULE A CALL- I have 2 free spots open this week!

 Big Hugs,




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