to Thrive



Move from overwhelmed to calm & aligned with purpose through the power of the pause

Nourish You, Live in Flow


• tired and wired?

• anxious, stressed & overwhelmed at times with your life?

• stuck - you are struggling to make the right choices for your body?

• ready to deeply nourish your soul and delve into self care?

• ready to live a longer and healthier life?

• inconsistent in reaching your health & wellness goals?

You deserve a happier & healthier life. Let me support you on your way!

Are you feeling...

This program will give you the tools and guidance that will give you the power to make amazing decisions for your body and your soul, a program that addresses all the possible obstacles you may have - 

From amazing individual and group support to delicious recipes that you can bring into your life with ease – finally, a program that is not heavy on fluff and gives you ALL of the tools and support you need.

It’s time to give yourself permission to take care of you. 

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you are in the right place!


 is a program that uses behavioural science and is designed to tune you into what your individual body needs, to transform your habits and routine to propel your life forward to become your best version of you.

These are 10 simple daily habits based on Ayurveda that fit into your life so you can ease into your day without the overwhelm. These habits help you create more space & time for you. 

10 Habits to Thrive

Join a dynamic and supportive online group to help you achieve your goals 

Feel Energized (without coffee and sugar)

Develop a healthy relationship with food (in other words…end emotional and mindless eating)

Exercise for your body type

Live in the Moment (no rushing, living in guilt, reacting before thinking)

Nourish Yourself (you have heard about putting on your own oxygen mask first – well it is true!)

Sleep Deeply and Restfully

Live life in ease – manage stress and anxiety more effectively

Heal Your Body – from aches & pains, digestive & autoimmune issues

Here's what you'll receive when you join 10 Habits to Thrive:

Experience deep transformation...

I'm Ready To Enroll

Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga, ancient wisdom developed thousands of years ago. 

*Optimizing your metabolism * Build your immune power * Fall in love with you *

10 habits to thrive takes the ancient practices of ayurveda into today’s modern world so you can customize your self care to suit your personal needs and desires.

If you are ready to evolve into the next best version of you and thrive then join us!


"My main goal when starting this program was to find emotional and physical balance to help me become the best version of myself. Ivette helped me reach this goal by guiding me on a lifestyle journey that helped me find the foods that were right for my body which helped me lose weight. She also helped me find emotional balance in my life by focusing on the things in my life that brought me joy and creating sustainable habits that worked for my busy life. The most significant overall change I have noticed is that I lost 16 lbs, I have more energy, and I am happier with my life. I would describe Ivette’s support as devoted, caring, and kind. She is a constant support system who continues to keep you focused and grounded even through some unexpected events in your life such as COVID. Even when I became pregnant during our time together, Ivette continued to coach me through my first trimester. I would recommend this program to everyone who would like to find guidance on how to live a healthier more fulfilling life."



To increase and level your energy

Live a longer and healthier life

To feel grounded and consistent

To improve digestion/overcome cravings/lose weight

To feel better in your body and mind

To sleep better

The support of a dynamic group and leader

Age better & boost your memory

Create habits that help you transform your body, mind and spirit

To surround yourself with people who are evolving

To align your actions to your true purpose

Support for you and your goals

Improved Relationships

This course is for you if you want:

• 10 Ayurvedic Habits tailored for each season

• Supportive and Dynamic Community

• Weekly Group Coaching 

• Individual Coaching with me (1:1) 2 x per session

• Weekly lessons and opportunities to connect and troubleshoot

• Accountability and Tracking Systems

• Habit Automation

• Resource Hub videos & ebooks

• Skills and Strategies that you can learn for a lifetime

• Access to Online Live & Recorded Yoga Trainings and Meditations

• Recipes and Resources to Help you Thrive

• Guest Speakers

What's included in the program...

"Having the unique opportunity to be able to work with Ivette was quite educational for me, and she offered us so many ideas to live, eat and cook better. I was motivated to try the new recipes and use whole foods. In turn, I felt the beauty of being more energized on a daily basis. I found Ivette to be most knowledgeable and also realistic while keeping our eyes on our goals. I am looking at life in a whole new better way and plan to do another program with Ivette again soon!"



After applying for a Discovery session, you will be prompted to schedule a complementary session. This does not mean that you are committing to anything. There is no pressure. This is simply an opportunity for you to explore and get clear on what is possible for you.

You have landed here for a reason. Want to learn more?


Q: When does 10 Habits to Thrive start? 

A: Enrollment is now open for January 2022.

Q: How long is the program?

A: There are options for enrollment: Enrollment occurs 3 times a year. It is divided into 3 seasons (12 weeks each) with breaks in between. You can enroll for 1 full year. THRIVE opens up to new members at the beginning of each season (not summer). 

Fall - September
Winter - January 
Spring - May 

During the breaks there will be various workshops and guest speakers invited to participate.

Q: When does the group start?

A: When THRIVE is in season, the group meets once a week via zoom online. Each week, times and days will differ to give the each member of the group the opportunity to access live calls.

Q: What if I miss a group call?

A: Do not worry. Life happens. All group calls are recorded and shared within 24 hours for you to then watch in your own time. You are always connected to the online group forum. Here you can ask questions, trouble shoot and give/receive support.

Q: How much time will I need to devote to the program?

A: We meet 1 time per week for 75 minutes when the group is in season. Each week you will receive a weekly email with something to read/watch /listen to, 30 minutes or less. Alongside your habits you will be learning how to make them work for your life and your schedule.

There are plenty of opportunities to engage with this community and take advantage of your progress- with workshops (facials, cooking, smoothie parties, yoga, meditations)

You will also have accountability partners.

You get out what you put into it.

Q: I have a family/kids/partner. Will they need to do this too?

A: No. Ayurveda teaches us that we can only care for others when we understand and care for our own selves first. In 10 HABITS TO THRIVE, you will learn to carve your own path with your habits. Though chances are, your family and friends might follow in your footsteps when they see how much better you feel.

Q: Is it expensive?

A: The program is an investment. You are worth this investment – this includes your long term health, joy and ease in your relationships, and confidence on your path. There are few options for enrollment and payment plans are available. 

Think about how you invest your money now – on medication for aches and pains?….. Quality wines to wind down after a stressful day?….. Buying items that distract you from being present?…. Starbuck’s coffee runs for a quick pick me up? 

Why not consider spending money on you, rather than the temporary fixes that are only temporary – Invest in your physical emotional and mental wellness.

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