Bonus 1

Cleanse Prep Video With Ivette

The idea of getting ready for a cleanse can seem overwhelming at the best of times.

The whole idea of prepping for a cleanse used to stop me from actually wanting to do a cleanse. Over the years I have found some strategies that help make it a breeze, even in the busiest of days.

Remember the concept we want to grasp onto is KAIZEN. How easy can you make it?

This video will provide you with tips and tricks to get your cleanse up and going quickly. A little planning can go a long way and reduce the decision fatigue.

Bonus 2

Yin Yoga Practice Video with Romy

Join Romy for a Yoga practice designed to help you balance and ground your energy during Vata season. Creating emotional stability is key to being proactive with the core elements of the Vata dosha which are space and air. Prepare to create ease, peace and tranquility in your daily life with this practice that is appropriate for beginners and experienced practitioners.